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Fasting At Night Can Speed Up Weight Loss

Fasting at night

Lifestyle changes that have occurred over the centuries can be attributed to the statistics showing increasing trend in obesity. Recent research has shown that nighttime eating could be a major player in increasing your weight. Nighttime fasting has been advocated as a measure to reduce weight although there are no clinical trials. Trail on a controlled group of mice have shown that this could be the way to go in weight loss as losing weight is as easy as sleeping.

The mice on the study were divided into two groups.

  • One group was fed on high calorie foods and fats over a period of 8 hours during the night. This is the period when mice are most active and their metabolism is high.
  • The second groups was fed on normal calorie foods but were allowed to eat during any time of night and day.

In both groups, the mice were fed the same quantities of calories; the only difference was the timeline over which they were fed. The results of the study show that the mice that were fed over 8 hours were found to be leaner and with more efficient digestive systems while the other group of mice with 24 hour diet window were found to be obese. The question if they were supplied by same amount of calories why the difference?

In the mice that were fasting over 16 hours during the time they were less active, their organs had a break to relax from digesting food and detoxifying the body of toxins ingested in food. Our organs similar to our bodies get exhausted and need time to slow down to rejuvenate. By giving the mice 16 hour break from food they were giving the liver time to breakdown excess body fats and improve efficiency of the digestive tract. This enabled these mice to handle the high calorie foods more efficiently.

In the mice that were eating any time of day or night, their body organs were constantly being bombarded food to digest and toxins to be eliminated or broken down. This can cause metabolic exhaustion that reduces the efficiency of breakdown and burning of fats even if they are in low quantities.

Although this is not definitive proof that nighttime fasting can be used as a weight loss method, but its validity cannot be overlooked. Before technological advancements like electricity and solar panels people used to have early bedtimes a few minutes before or after darkness; meaning they ate their last meal early. This long period of time they went without food while sleeping might be the reason of less reported weight problem cases.

In these modern times, it is more difficult to maintain such a schedule as late night dinners, midnight snacks, and impulsive eating pose a great challenge. In the end if you weigh your choices to help in weight loss this is one of the most fun ways of losing weight, all you need to do is go to bed early and wake up an ounce lighter.

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By: pavithra 3 years ago
I\' m pavi 22 yrs.old.I\' m post operated person at 2 times. Like ovarian cyst opertn,2 and tym I had umbilical infectn so drs.r removed my umbilicus so after that 2 operate,I was gain weight& my belly was so enlarged. How can I reduce my belly pls tell Mr my stomach was look like pregnant lady but I\' m unmarried person,pls help me.give ma a diet tip pls....
By: priya 4 years ago
am 24 years old Female..my height is 160cm and weight is 75 kg..Please tell some ideas to lise my weight...
By: s.yamini rao 4 years ago
Hi..i m in 24 years old i m married my weight is 76 plz suggest me....how to reduce weight 10 kg
By: mamta 4 years ago
hi i want to lose weight,i\'m 65 kg.i want to lose 5-10 kg weight.please suggest.
By: mamta 4 years ago
hi i want to lose weight,i\'m 65 kg.i want to lose 5-10 kg weight.please suggest.
By: Savitha 4 years ago
Hi i married 3yrs back and i hav one kid of 2yrs old. im 78kgs currently, how to reduce my weight to 58kg, plz help
By: anesha 4 years ago
i want reduce my weight
By: anesha 4 years ago
hi guys i am 19 years old and 60kg i want to loss my weight 10kg please help me
By: rajesri 4 years ago
iam 26 years my wait 80kg
By: mosaddaque 4 years ago
it is very important idea.i have also same side.

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