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Weight Loss for Women

Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40

Losing weight at the age of 40+ becomes a completely different ball game. You are not just dealing with the slower metabolism; you may also be going through hormone imbalance, which can have negative side effects such as fluid retention, bloating...

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Weight Management During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is considered the best phase of any woman's life next to motherhood. The happiness and glow along with 'eating-for-two' results in weight gain which later becomes a point of concern. Weight gain is very normal in this phase, but 'how much i...

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Do Contraceptives Cause Weight Gain?

For a lot of women these days, the basis of choosing a contraceptive has become not only its effectiveness as a means of birth control; weight gain has become a powerful determinant, as well. After all, reports of a strong linkage between contrace...

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Weight Loss after Pregnancy

Every woman who has been pregnant will know that it is not entirely easy to lose weight after birth. One may at first think that things will just go back to normal and just a bit of waiting is necessary, but this is a big mistake and should never ...

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Preventing Weight Gain After Menopause

Do you notice that after menopause, losing weight gets more difficult? It is true that losing weight after menopause is more difficult during this time and it gets more visible due to the fact that the weight tends to show itself on your stomach r...

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Exercising During Pregnancy

There are moments in our lives that define us, affect us, shape us, and are very important to us. For a woman, pregnancy is one of them. That is why more than ever, you have to know what exercises you can do to stay healthy during these times. Not...

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