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Fasting At Night Can Speed Up Weight Loss

Lifestyle changes that have occurred over the centuries can be attributed to the statistics showing increasing trend in obesity. Recent research has shown that nighttime eating could be a major player in increasing your weight. Nighttime fasting has ...

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Why Our Kids Are Fat?

In recent times child obesity has been on a steady rise with distressing implications. Surveys show that in the last 30 years there has been an increase in number of obese children aged between 6 and 17 years. It has increased from 5.5% to 19.3% by t...

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Weight Management During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is considered the best phase of any woman's life next to motherhood. The happiness and glow along with 'eating-for-two' results in weight gain which later becomes a point of concern. Weight gain is very normal in this phase, but 'how much i...

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Healthy Fun Snacks For Kids

Making their children eat healthy and complete food has always been a Herculean task for mothers since ages. Various permutations and combinations have been tried but, none with complete success. The problem lies in the fact that children are very fu...

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Health Risks Of Fasting

Dieting or severe dieting called fasting are the two common methods used by many people as a quick weight loss trick. Ideally, fasting is depriving the body of its daily ratio of energy derived from food. It is usually effective in loosing body mass ...

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How To Reduce Breast Size

Being over weight can be a big problem and it differs from person to person. Most of us would realize that a certain part of the body is out of proportion or is odd, which though considered abnormal, in reality; is normal. That's because, there are m...

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